Survey on AWIS website

The AWIS Portal, an initiative launched in 2007 by a group of institutions from the South and North to strengthen the information management capacity of water sector organizations in Africa is currently supplied by information from Focal points from the basin organizations and other water sector organizations in Africa. It is used by some focal points, and could reach all organizations potentially interested in sharing information on water. A survey was launched by ANBO in partnership with the SITWA team and INBO to identify which improvements are possible to meet the needs of stakeholders, members of ANBO, regarding the implementation of a Pan-African platform dedicated to share knowledge.


The analysis of your answers will set a roadmap, so that the AWIS portal contributes in the short, medium? term, to the ANBO strategy and becomes the platform, supported by ANBO, of knowledge sharing for African basin organizations. The results of this questionnaire will be anonymous and will remain in the framework of the survey.




Thank you in advance for your contribution.



Closing of the Survey on March 30th 2016



There are 48 questions in this survey.